Creation Story & Noah’s Flood recorded in Chinese Language

Ever wrestle with questions of faith? Most people do.

Where can you find such answers? One place to look is history. There are some intriguing explanations found in a culture that existed over one thousand years before the first words of the Bible were written down.

The Chinese language. It is the oldest, continuously writen language in the world. Is it possible the people who created the ancient Chinese characters knew the answers to the questions you are now asking? Is the connection between the ancient characters and stories in the Bible a coincidence or by design?

You decide for yourself …

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On Christian Forgiveness

A few weeks back a friend asked me about Christian forgiveness. How can we as Christians forgive when much of what we see around us is, lets be honest, downright evil? And we often find ourselves struggling with the whole concept of exactly how we are to forgive in the first place.

I think the confusion comes with our not differentiating between “forgiveness” and “forgetting”.
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