Israel in danger of losing air superiority IAF chief says

[From Mike Evans at Jerusalem Prayer Team]

One of the dangers I’ve been warning about and the media ignores has been highlighted by the head of Israel’s Air Force.

General Ido Nehushtan, IAF chief, said that Israel’s air superiority, a vital part of Israel’s long-term defense strategy, is in danger of being erased by the so-called “Arab spring.” The revolts that toppled several repressive governments have also led to a breakdown in law and order, and a number of military bases, particularly in Libya, were looted by groups with ties to terrorists.

The IAF fears that advanced military hardware, especially next-generation surface-to-air missiles, will find their way to Hamas and Hezbollah. The IAF operates in Israel’s tiny airspace, rendering military (and civilian) planes vulnerable to attack from the ground. A number of Libyan surface-to-air missiles were seized in Gaza, and the breakdown of control of the Egyptian military over the border with Gaza raises fears of larger and more damaging weapons being smuggled to the terrorists.

General Nehushtan expressed a special concern regarding the situation in Syria. Hezbollah forces have been fighting on behalf of the Assad government, and the fear is that if the government falls or looks like it is about to fall, Hezbollah will either seize or be given advanced weaponry to use against Israel. This could also in a worst-case scenario include Syria’s massive stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons. We must be urgent and fervent in our prayers for Israel today.

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