Islam in NZ: Forced Marriage and Death Threats

[Hat tip: Octagongrappler]

Yet another Socialist multicultural ‘success’ story as the barbaric 7th century death-cult provides further evidence that it is incompatible with a modern Western society.

Forced marriage reporting set to increase

Hostage tells of prison in the suburbs

Is the media finally waking up to the fact that we have a problem here in NZ? – and that this problem is linked to Islam? I’m amazed, both articles actually highlight the fact that this is a Muslim family who forced their 17 year old daughter to marry a [Muslim no doubt] distant relative because “she was [becoming] too westernised”.

And here I was thinking Muslim immigrants were here to assimilate?!
[Yes, I’m joking]

I really ‘liked’ this piece from the second link [emphasis mine]:

For two months she was held in a kind of prison with her husband and his family. They would not let her leave the house or use the phone and always supervised her. They demanded she sleep with her new husband and have a baby.

Her own parents visited once a week but barely spoke to her.

She finally did escape, and went to the police and ethnic women’s support organisation Shakti. Her marriage has since been annulled and her parents have gone back to Pakistan.

Before leaving, her father told her he would kill her if he saw her again. “I wanted to die. My dad was saying that to his own daughter, I couldn’t believe it.”

This is Islam … why do we let these people into our country again?!!

4 thoughts on “Islam in NZ: Forced Marriage and Death Threats

  1. Hey Diversity Dividend is my word lol ok Spooner actually came up with it.

  2. He’s probably copyrighted it and is lining up you plagiarists for a day in court 😉

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