Has David Cameron at last discovered his inner Conservative?

• Tory plans for tax breaks for married couples.
• The vital importance of upholding Christian moral codes.
• The real cause — the replacement of Biblical codes of behaviour by moral neutrality.
• A staggering 46 per cent of children are now born to unmarried mothers.
• One in three unmarried couples separate before their child’s fifth birthday, compared with one in 11 married couples.

Another thought provoking piece by Melanie Phillips:

Has David Cameron at last discovered his inner Conservative? First he electrified everyone by defying the EU over his defence of Britain’s financial services sector against the threat of crippling regulation.

Then, at the weekend, he delivered a speech about the vital importance of upholding Christian moral codes.

He has, thus, delivered an unambiguously Conservative message two weeks in a row. This from a leader whose strategy to date has been to reposition the Tories as ‘not-the-Conservative Party’ as the only way of gaining power.

And yet, guess what? After the EU drama, he shot up in the polls. One shows him bouncing into a six-point lead over Labour.

In Brussels, however, the Prime Minister almost accidentally drew his line in the sand at the place where most of the British people happen to be on the issue of Europe. There was nothing at all accidental, however, about his carefully prepared speech on Christianity which, in the current climate, was as daring as it was necessary and long overdue.

For against a background in which Christian belief is constantly denigrated and ridiculed, eyebrows are raised if politicians talk about God and even the Church of England seems embarrassed to do so, Mr Cameron, nevertheless, defended Christianity as essential to British society. […]

In a few robust remarks, he, thus, got right to the heart of his country’s moral and social malaise. And how striking this was.

For while the Church of England pins the blame for just about every social ill on poverty, inequality or some other fashionable political shibboleth, Mr Cameron honed in on the real cause — the replacement of Biblical codes of behaviour by moral neutrality.

He was absolutely right to say that bad choices have too often been defended as just different lifestyles, and that ‘live and let live’ has too often become ‘do what you please’. Nowhere is this more disastrously true — although he did not spell this out in his speech — than in the breakdown of the traditional family.


3 thoughts on “Has David Cameron at last discovered his inner Conservative?

  1. I have to say, when I watched Cameron talk about responsibility and Christian values, I laughed a little. I suppose though I may be a little biased! I too have a politics themed blog, mostly regarding Cameron actually. I would be interested to see what you think of it. It’s part of my uni project so would be really grateful if you could leave some feedback, if you get a few spare moments.

  2. He’s making all the right noises, Liz – whether these turn into concrete actions is another matter. I think Melanie Phillips made this same point in her article.

    And I’ll be happy to have a look at your blog and perhaps add my 2 cents worth.

    PS Welcome 🙂

  3. Comment left on Liz’s blog:

    I liked your satirical post on Cameron’s speech on immigration, Liz.
    It highlights, IMO, that while he is making all the right noises he hasn’t actually suggested any action plan. It’s one thing to acknowledge a problem [half the problem is getting politicians to do that], but without actually putting together exactly HOW the problem is going to be tackled it’s all just so much hot air – something politicians are extremely good at producing in vast quantities.

    Of course how much committment on the ground he actually puts into dealing with the existing problems with recently arrived immigrants, and especially those who can’t or won’t assimilate into wider society [much of the Muslim community for instance], will likely be an indication of how he will also go about dealing with those hoping to immigrate into the UK, and the cultural/religious make up and from where those hopefuls will originate from.

    Without a specific action plan, though, I have my suspicions that he’s just trying to appease those who groups like the EDL have really struck a cord with. I guess I’m suspicious in a word.

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