Spoonley: Just another Marxist Traitor?

[Hat tip: Octagongrappler for the link]

Is Professor Paul Spoonley just another Marxist traitor – one prepared to sell out New Zealand all in the name of so called ‘cultural diversity’ and minority interest groups?

Reading the following Spoonley article leads one to that very conclusion IMHO:

Paul Spoonley: State must uphold diversity to retain trust of citizens

[Spoonley:] Denis Dutton is keen to claim that the status and legitimacy of the state had been undermined by special rights for Maori. I would argue that the reverse is true.

A modern, democratic state can successfully gain the trust of its citizens only if it recognises the cultures of its various communities, majority and minority alike.

Perhaps Pakeha do feel aggrieved that this recognition has gone too far in the case of Maori, but an illiberal nationalism [whatever the heck that is] that curtails any recognition is not the answer.

Of course Spoonley isn’t talking about equal recognition of all New Zealanders as one united people under the law. When one reads further that becomes even clearer:

“The Swiss state protects minority cultures and languages, and even provides for the self-government of these communities. Nobody suggests that Switzerland is any the less democratic because of this or the fact that it operates with four official languages. If anything, this is a strength.”

Hmmm, so is he suggesting Maori should be able to self-govern? That certainly seems to be the case. How about have their own legal system; police force; corrections facilities?

And in light of the following:

“The reality is that New Zealand is culturally diverse and about to become more so.”

And then this little gem:

“The key may be to re-establish trust and points of common interest to make room for some provisions that recognise cultural difference. National unity and loyalty to New Zealand do not preclude other loyalties or identities, whether religious, regional or cultural.

It all becomes crystal clear.
I thought as a citizen/resident of a country that one’s loyalty was first and foremost to that country? Obviously I’m wrong – silly me. I guess Spoonley would have absolutely no problem with Islamists in New Zealand establishing Sharia Courts, banks, etc on exactly the same basis as his suggestion that Maori should be able to establish “self-government” as alluded to earlier???

This sellout Marxist traitor needs to be exposed for the danger he represents to a free and united people under one law in this nation. With people such as Spoonley promoting such dangerous ideas is it any wonder that we see increasing racial/cultural divisions and the promotion of preferential minority classes based along racial/cultural lines?!

Perhaps he’s Traitor Key’s personal adviser on ‘diversity’ – they both seem to have much the same agenda: Increasing separatism and discord with preferential treatment given to minority interest groups.

[Emphasis mine]

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3 thoughts on “Spoonley: Just another Marxist Traitor?

  1. Another “Diversity Dividend” -http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/6288899/Woman-raped-while-trio-watched

  2. Actually I heard the Spoonley got Dr Greg Clysdale removed or forced out of massey University.

    Spoonley is a danger and Im guessing he takes great pleasure in seeing what is happening in NZ.

  3. Wouldn’t surprise me, Spidy – these Marxists really don’t like opposing points of view.

    PS Welcome.

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