Structural Inequality? New Study Claims Black People in Detroit Can’t Sustain Infrastructure Left Behind by White Flight

From SBPDL blog:

***WARNING*** If you are a cultural Marxist and/or ‘culturally aware’ do not, I repeat DO NOT read any further: There is a serious risk of having your world-view not only challenged, but damaged beyond any repair. You have been warned!

[Hat tip: Dondiego for the link]

“There are those who would blame white people for every problem in this nation [the U.S.]. Even white flight itself. White flight is just a natural defensive mechanism to escape the Black Undertow and the crime, property value drop, dereliction of infrastructure, and the decimation of the business district that follows this group.

In the coming weeks, Detroit will be taken over by the state of Michigan. Even though white people built a world-class city, full of architectural marvels that rivaled those found anywhere else on the planet, the Black people who inherited Detroit after the calamitous race war of 1967 (and the subsequent white abandonment of the city) have been unable to maintain a modicum of what they were unceremoniously bequeathed. The Los Angeles Times bashed white people for the failure of the city, when it was white people ingenuity that was responsible for the greatness of Detroit in the first place.

2011 Detroit is a direct representation of its majority population, which happens to be 82 percent Black. The ruins of the city, neglected and rotting monuments courtesy of a people who then rebuilt what they abandoned in the white suburbs surrounding Detroit, are to the Black inhabitants of the town what those strange heads on Easter Island where to the Europeans who first encountered them.”


And from commenter Zenster:

“Gasteyer obviously hasn’t looked at what happened when white people left Africa, specifically the Congo, or what happened to Rhodesia after the capitulation to Actual Black Run Zimbabwe (ABRZ) or in South Africa.”

This is important to remember because of how, unlike with decimated Detroit, the Whites who departed Africa left behind largely intact and operative infrastructure. And Blacks still ran it into the ground.

I’m reminded of certain parallels here in New Zealand where non-Maori are expected to continually prop up [read that, “fork over their hard earned”] and enable an increasingly welfare-dependent and violent sub-class of Maori to “rise to the top” – well that’s what our Marxist ‘elite’ would have us believe anyway.
Meanwhile we keep coughing up and things only go from bad to worse; the violent Maori sub-class continue to rape, murder and steal from us all while demanding that “whitey” continues to pay because we’re the ones ultimately at fault.

Perhaps what is happening in much of the U.S. – like above in Detroit – is an object lesson for us here in New Zealand if we carry on down this road unabated.

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***UPDATE*** See also Redbaiter’s post over at TrueblueNZ: Dying Detroit, thriving Singapore – two cities from which we can learn so much

5 thoughts on “Structural Inequality? New Study Claims Black People in Detroit Can’t Sustain Infrastructure Left Behind by White Flight

  1. It’s a shame we can’t get the ruling class/overlords to consider this- by ‘this’ I mean the whole sorry situation.
    We’ve got more than enough data to be able to learn from mistakes, N.Z and worldwide.

    I’m starting to think Key actually wants mass violent societal breakdown, to emerge the ever-smiling smarmy socialist ‘King’ of the Banana Republic

  2. Yeah, Dondiego – I think you may be right about Traitor Key.
    And I think many of our ruling ‘elite’ are actually complicit in running the West into the ground; they have no desire nor inclination to fix “the whole sorry situation”. Why would they when they’re the architects of it in the first place.

  3. Wow. If I knew how to ‘cut n paste’ I could put my above comment on the next thread for Spoonman.
    (Although I must admit Spoonley, from what I’ve read- and the interview where he backed Willie J up against John Ansell, comes across as a bearded twat with a hard-on for asian women who started believing his own bullshit. He’d be harmless if the lefty media ignored him)

    [p.s. similar thoughts on Maggie Mutu]

  4. Sadly, Dondiego, it’s the lefty “bearded twat[s]” who the lefty media will continue to promote, and who the unthinkingly brain-dead and largely uninformed sheeple will continue to hold as the ‘experts’ on such subjects as immigration and ‘diversity’.

    People such as Spoonley [and indeed Mutu] are anything but harmless in that context [not that I need to tell you that 😉 ].

  5. Please note: It is well worth a read over at Crusader Rabbit [see the mirrored post link above] for some very good comments. Of course some of them are mine 😉

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