Nigerian President Declares State of Emergency Over Islamic Threat

From: Holger Awakens

[Excerpt with emphasis mine:]

Are the islamists in Nigeria close to perhaps seizing control in the now violence drenched country? Well, apparently the President of Nigeria is concerned enough to have today called for a state of emergency. With the possibility of Muslim gangs, tribes and herdsmen perhaps overtaking control of the African country, there is no word or action from Barack Hussein Obama – apparently the President of the U.S. only reacts when there are Christian-linked groups involved in Africa. […]

The cold hard facts of Islam’s designs on Africa are coming true – each and every day we see the push of the islamists southward into the continent – we see the nations of Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda under siege – we see African unity troops trying to protect Ethiopia…it is a continental war zone as the minions of Mohammed purge the country of Christians and others.

When the Islamists moved throughout Asia toppling country after country, no one dared blame it on Islam. When the Islamists took over much of southeast Asia, no one dared point a finger at the ideology of Islam. When the Islamists took over northern Africa, again no one said it was because of Islam. And now, as the very continent of Africa is being raped by the Islamists, still no one will stand up and tell the truth.

Islam is all about conquering and establishing the world caliphate. When the hell are Americans and everyone else, for that matter, going to get that through their thick skulls?

[Mirror post HERE]

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