Euthanasia promoters back on the campaign trail

With the latest conviction for “assisted suicide” having been ruled on we see all the usual suspects coming out of the woodwork demanding a law change which would allow what amounts to state sanctioned murder.

Euthanasia trial: lesser guilty plea

Otago Daily Times
Wednesday Nov 2, 2011

The trial of scientist Sean Davison, accused of attempting to murder his mother, ended at the High Court in Dunedin today when he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

Davison (50) was on trial on a charge of attempting to murder his terminally ill mother Patricia Elizabeth Davison, 85, a former medical practitioner.

He today pleaded guilty to an alternative lesser charge of inciting and procuring his mother’s suicide.


There can be no doubt that as the Boomers approach retirement and old age euthanasia will become both legal and encouraged by a society which increasingly will come to see the elderly as nothing more than a financial drain on the resouces of the “productive”.

And while it may initially be limited to those who have bad health, is it much of a leap to imagine that anyone (and not necessarily just the elderly) who is viewed to be “a net drain” on society will also be ‘encouraged’ to make that one way trip?
Just as abortion is now viewed by wider society as little more than another means of contraception, so too will state sanctioned euthanasia quickly evolve into the cure all for an aging population.

Coming soon to a post-Christian society near you …

4 thoughts on “Euthanasia promoters back on the campaign trail

  1. Do you really believe that medically assisted suicide for terminally ill patients will devolve into state murders?

    I have a medical end of life decree on file and I do want it to be honored…

  2. Yes I really do. I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect time will prove me right. We already have state sanctioned murder in the womb – I see little difference between this and the justification for state sanctioned euthanasia in the not too distant future. Especially with an aging population in most Western nations.

  3. I am not a fan of abortions AT ALL, but I am really divided on this.
    I believe that a woman must have control over her own body and that the state and church should have absolutely NO say in this. The UN has actually come out recently and agreed with this. What happens between a women and her doctor is no concern of either state or church. Abortion is not murder in any sense. Very stupid politicians here in the US are trying to make this happen…if I believed in curses I would place one on them.

    This is arising because of the Catholic Church’s stupid dogma and it needs to stop. The earth is so stressed by 7 billion people already…can you imagine another 1 or 2 billion added to this. A 20 week old fetus is not sentient and definitely not a human.

  4. WoM,
    My view on abortion is that many regard it as little more than an alternative form of contraception – “Oh I’m pregnant, I’ll just pop down to the clinic and get it removed”. The fact that most of those having abortions are unmarried and promiscuous doesn’t give them the right to [yes, I call it] murder their unborn child. Just like everyone else these women have made a choice – if they don’t want to get pregnant they should keep their legs shut. Or wait till they get married and can raise the child with the father.

    And it is also known that many who have abortions are often mentally scarred and never get over the guilt of having murdered their child. In my opinion they would be better carrying to term and then offering the child up for adoption – like used to be the case before the sexual revolution of the 60s when the whole “free sex” lie began to be promulgated.

    In fact it is the state which is telling teenagers, and even those older, to “go out and have sex – just make sure it’s ‘safe sex’ ” – whatever that means. And the UN essentially sends out the same message. On the same basis I believe the church, Christians and other morally minded conservatives have a right to make their views on the matter known.

    I’m not Catholic, by the way – I believe the main reason the Catholic church pushes the anti-abortion and anti-contraceptive line is more about ensuring large birth figures of Catholics, rather than any genuine concern for the unborn. Personally, I have no problem with managing fertility through contraception, but once conception has taken place and life has begun then we are not to interfere with what God has started. The Bible is clear life starts at conception, and this is also my view.

    And have you also noticed it is mainly white westerners being encouraged to abort their children? – Muslims and much of the thrid world are just carrying on as per usual. I also believe this is a ploy [just one of many] to diminish the dominance of the Judeo-Christian West and thereby pave the way for a Marxist One World Government. The West must fail first before global governance can be established.

    By the way I’m in New Zealand [must add that to my ‘About Balaam’s Ass’].

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