Why is Democracy Failing in the West?

IMO democracy only holds together when the foundation of society is firmly based on Judeo-Christian principles and values. Inherent to this worldview is that government is not the be all and end all but, like the general population, is subject to Godly authority.

With the advent of atheistic Marxism, Darwinism, and all their inherent spin-offs, and not forgetting the influx of the satanic death cult of Islam now infecting once democratic Western societies we have seen the migration away from genuine democracy and towards increasing tyranny, the increasing of both bureaucracy and government size, and the related increase in state intrusion into the lives of the average citizen.

In short, Western societies without the biblical God will only lead to godless tyranny – where the state becomes the source of all wisdom and knowledge, and ultimately demands to be worshipped and revered in the stead of the deity it has now replaced. The biblical Antichrist, who will head the soon coming one world government, will be the focus of such an evil and godless system.

Coming soon to a once democratic and sovereign nation state near you …

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