The moderate fanatics of the Islamist Winter

Melanie Phillips, as usual, introduces the hammer to the nail.

by Melanie Phillips


It gets worse by the day. The lunacy of the west, that is, as the world teeters towards the precipice.

The ‘Arab Spring’ is turning just about everywhere into an Islamist winter. Libya has gone Islamist, with its new administration declaring that sharia law will rule. Sharia law is fundamentally anti-democratic, and Islamist theocratic regimes which adhere to its precepts are fundamentally anti-west.

As previously observed here, one terrifying result of the fall of the Gaddafy regime has been the loss of some 20,000 Libyan shoulder-held anti-aircraft missiles. Some of these missiles have reportedly made their way into Gaza and Somalia. Ha’aretz reports:

Is Hillary Clinton completely out to lunch?

‘The United States is also worried by the developments. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who visited Libya last week, announced the U.S. would grant the new Libyan regime millions of dollars in aid in an attempt to fight the arms smuggling. American experts expressed their fears in particular over the transfer of shoulder-launched missiles to terrorists, and said the aid was intended to allow the Libyans to locate where such weapons are stored – and destroy them.’

Rub your eyes. The US, which along with the UK and France is in large measure responsible for the fall of Gaddafy and thus the loss of those 20,000 missiles, is paying the Islamist regime in Libya millions of dollars to ‘find’ and destroy their missing weapons in Gaza and Somalia? Hillary Clinton thinks the Libyans can actually do that? How?

Or is the aid maybe to enable the Libyans to locate the ones that are left in Libya and destroy them? But what guarantee is there that Libya will use this money to do this? Why should the Islamist Libyan regime want to stop Hamas from hitting Israel, or Somali Islamists from attacking the west? To remind everyone once again — Abdelhakim Belhadj, commander of the military forces in Tripoli, was a senior member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), a radical Islamic terrorist organization, which until recently held a world view rather similar to that of al Qaeda. […]

Then there is Tunisia. Received opinion in the west is that moderates have now come to power there. But the Islamist Nahda Party won last Sunday’s elections, if not by an outright majority, while the anti-Islamist Progressive Democratic Party did far worse than expected.

The Nahda party was founded in 1981 by Rachid al-Ghannouchi. Its motto was the Muslim Brotherhood’s motto, ‘Islam is the solution.’ After the overthrow of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali last January, Ghannouchi returned to Tunisia from more than two decades in exile. (Guess where? Yup, Londonistan — where else?)

Here’s what Martin Kramer tells us Ghannouchi thinks about Israel:

‘Now that Rashid Ghannouchi’s Nahda party is raking in the voters in the Tunisian elections, I’m reminded of a quote from him that I brought back in May: “I bring glad tidings that the Arab region will get rid of the germ of Israel. Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, leader of the Hamas movement, once said that Israel would disappear before 2027. That date may be too far off; Israel may disappear before that.” Very moderate.’ […]

There is no such thing as ‘moderate Islamism’

The Arab and Muslim world is falling like dominoes to Islamism. There is no such thing as ‘moderate Islamism’. It’s as absurd as saying there were moderate and extreme Stalinists, or moderate and extreme Nazis, or moderate and extreme proponents of the Spanish Inquisition. You cannot have moderate fanatics.

Since Islamism is the fanatical doctrine which aims to replace secular by theocratic rule and democracy and human rights by submission to Islam, we can see that the ‘democratic’ Arab Spring hymned by western leaders and leftist intellectuals is in fact a mortal threat to democracy and the west. But then these are the leaders and intellectuals who sanitise or support the racist and genocidal fanatics of Hamas and Fatah, connive at the spread of Islamism at home and denounce all who try to sound the alarm as ‘Islamophobes’.

Where, oh where is our Churchill?

Well, very soon no more excuses or alibis will be possible. The revolutionary extremism that has progressively taken over Arab and Muslim society is throwing off its camouflage and its constraints. We are caught up in a gathering war of the world — and yet all western leaders can do is gibber inanities as they lurch ever more wildly into submission. Where, oh where is our Churchill?

[emphasis mine]

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