Creation Story & Noah’s Flood recorded in Chinese Language

Ever wrestle with questions of faith? Most people do.

Where can you find such answers? One place to look is history. There are some intriguing explanations found in a culture that existed over one thousand years before the first words of the Bible were written down.

The Chinese language. It is the oldest, continuously writen language in the world. Is it possible the people who created the ancient Chinese characters knew the answers to the questions you are now asking? Is the connection between the ancient characters and stories in the Bible a coincidence or by design?

You decide for yourself …

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9 thoughts on “Creation Story & Noah’s Flood recorded in Chinese Language

  1. There is evidence that evangelical Catholics were missionaries to China in the 12th century CE…thereby passing on the old Biblical stories

  2. Sorry I missed some of your stuff.

    The Egyptians, Sumerians, Akkadians, and people of the area around the ancient city of Babylon were writing around 3100 BC.

    Moses may have been a mythical figure so the Pentateuch (first five books of the Bible/Torah) that he was supposed to have written was probably composed by rabbi’s and scribes around the time of the Jewish exile in Babylon around 586 to 538 BC.

  3. Thanks for your comments, and welcome.

    Whether or not Catholics were missionaries in the 12th century AD hardly explains how the Chinese language, written long LONG before this, contained characters/words which specifically alluded to creation, the Garden of Eden, and Noah’s Flood. That the Chinese culture came into being shortly after the Flood of Noah and following the confusion of languages at the Tower of Babel, and that those immediately following this time would have the benefit of being told the biblical account to date, is the more likely reason the Chinese language, of all languages, records the early biblical accounts.

    And of course many other early cultures also had creation and flood stories, etc.

    I personally believe Moses was no more a mythical figure than was Christ, the apostle Paul, or any other biblical character mentioned in the scriptures. As a conservative Christian I believe the Bible supports itself, and is one of the most accurate writings of anything man may have produced throughout the ages. Of course it stands alone in that God Himself promised to preserve it, and that He personally inspired and spoke through its forty odd authors – including Moses.

  4. Am I allowed to disagree with you and enter into discussion on your public forum here???

  5. Hello KrisK,
    Let me see if I have what you are saying right. You are saying that the Chinese culture started around 1500 BC…shortly after ‘Noah’s flood’ and the ‘Tower of Babel’ incident. 1500 BC is when linguists say the Chinese language was first being written. All times I mention are understood to be plus or minus some amount. Ancient times cannot be pinned down definitively.

    From what I understand writing was invented independently in at least three places, Mesopotamia, China, and Mesoamerica. Recent discoveries might also provide evidence that writing was invented in Egypt and Indus…independently of Mesopotamia. Here are some times I have understood to be pretty close to reality.

    Sumerian…3200 +- BC
    Akkadian…2500 +- BC
    Elamite…3200 +- BC
    Egyptian…3100 +- BC
    Indus Script…2700 +- BC
    Quipu…2700 +- BC
    Chinese…1500 +- BC

    Other cultures did have flood myths, but most of them were not worldwide and they were generally from cultures close to waters (which was most all in prehistoric times) Cultures in mountains and central Asia and most all of Africa had no flood myths. The old stories were also undated…just in some mist shrouded past.

    The thing is that the Biblical flood story was first doubted by naturalists (early scientists) in the 1600’s…and these were God-fearin’ Christians. Since that time many hundreds or thousands of people have investigated the old myth and the consensus of main-line earth scientists (archaeologists, geologists, paleontologists, etc.) is that there was NEVER a time when the *whole* earth was covered in water.

    The Epic of Gilgamesh was written about 1900-2000 BC in Mesopotamia, Moses was supposed to have written his flood story around either 1400+ BC or 1200+ BC depending on whose history you subscribe too. There are 20 points of similarity between the two stories…way more than any other matchup. The Mesopotamian area was covered with a monster flood (local, but big enough to cover horizon to horizon) about 2900 BC and it is theorized that the Gilgamesh story originated with this flood.

    There are many many problems with the Bible books of Genesis and Exodus. Science is finding out lots things that don’t bode well for the Old Testament.

    I have more , but I’m already taking up a lot of space…sorry


  6. I haven’t forgotten about your comment above – just been busy. Will address it shortly.

    You said: “You are saying that the Chinese culture started around 1500 BC … shortly after ‘Noah’s flood’ and the ‘Tower of Babel’ incident.”

    Timeframe – more like between 2500 BC & possibly as far back as 3000 BC. Although the biblical flood is estimated to have occured around 2348 BC based on the Genesis chronology. See my following comment.

  7. Further reading – Excerpts from “The Evolution Handbook”:

    Chinese Characters Explained (1979). Chinese is one of the most ancient written languages in existence. Each Chinese character is a combination of several different words. C.H. Kang and Ethel R. Nelson did extensive research into Chinese words and discovered the characters contain the story of Creation, the Garden of Eden, the fall of Adam and Eve, and the Flood story. For example, the word, “boat,” is made up of two words: vessel and eight (Genesis 7:7, 13:8:13). Tempter is devil, cover, and tree (Genesis 3:1-6).

    52 – EARLY BIBLICAL RECORDS—(*#1/10 Ancient Historical Records*) The Bible is valid history and should not be discounted in any scientific effort to determine dates of earlier events. The Bible has consistently been verified by authentic historical and archaeological research. (For an in-depth analysis of a primary cause of apparent disharmony between archaeological and Biblical dates, see chapter 35, Archaeological Dating, on our website).

    It is conservatively considered that the first books of the Bible were written by Moses c. 1510-1450 B.C. (The date of the Exodus would be about 1492 B.C.) Chronological data in the book of Genesis would indicate that Creation Week occurred about 4000 B.C., and that the date of the Flood was about 2348 B.C.

    Some may see a problem with such a date for the Genesis Flood. But we are dealing with dates that are quite ancient. The Flood may have occurred at a somewhat earlier time, but it may also be that the earliest-known secular dates should be lowered somewhat, which is probably the case here. It is well to remember that, in seeking to corroborate ancient dates, we can never have total certainty about the past from secular records, such as we find in Egypt and Sumer.

    53 – ASTRONOMICAL RECORDS—Throughout ancient historical writings, from time to time scholars come across comments about astronomical events, especially total or almost total solar eclipses. These are much more accurate time dating factors! Because of the infrequency of solar eclipses at any given location and because astronomers can date every eclipse going back thousands of years, a mention of a solar eclipse in an ancient tablet or manuscript is an extremely important find!

    A solar eclipse is strong evidence for the dating of an event, when ancient records can properly corroborate it.

    We can understand why the ancients would mention solar eclipses since, as such rare events, they involve the blotting out of the sun for a short time in the area of umbra (the completely dark, inner part of the shadow cast on the earth when the moon covers the sun). Yet, prior to 2250 B.C., we have NOT ONE record of a solar eclipse ever having been seen by people! This is a very important item of evidence establishing a young age for the earth.

    “The earliest Chinese date which can be assigned with any probability is 2250 B.C., based on an astronomical reference in the Book of History.”—*Ralph Linton, The Tree of Culture (1955), p. 520.

    54 – WRITING—The oldest writing is pictographic Sumerian inscribed on tablets in the Near East. The oldest of these tablets have been dated at about 3500 B.C. and were found in the Sumerian temple of manna.

    The earliest Western-type script was the proto-Sinaitic, which appeared in the Sinai peninsula about 1550 B.C. This was the forerunner of our Indo-Aryan script, from which descended our present alphabet.

    55 – CIVILIZATIONS—It is highly significant that no truly verified archaeological datings predate the period of about 3000 B.C. When larger dates are cited, they come from radiocarbon dating, from methods other than written human records, or from the suspect Manetho’s Egyptian king-list.

    56 – LANGUAGES—Mankind is so intelligent that languages were soon put into written records, which were left lying about on the surface of the earth. We know that differences in dialect and language suddenly developed shortly after the Flood, at which time men separated and traveled off in groups whose members could understand one another (Genesis 11:1-9).

    The records of ancient languages never go back beyond c. 3000 B.C. Philological and linguistic studies reveal that a majority of them are part of large “language families”; and most of these appear to radiate outward from the area of Babylonia.

    For example, the Japhetic peoples, listed in Genesis 10, traveled to Europe and India, where they became the so-called Aryan peoples. These all use what we today call the Indo-European Language Family. Recent linguistic studies reveal that these languages originated at a common center in southeastern Europe on the Baltic. This would be close to the Ararat range. *Thieme, a Sanskrit and comparative philology expert at Yale University, gives this estimate:

    “Indo-European, I conjecture, was spoken on the Baltic coast of Germany late in the fourth millennium B.C. [c. 3000 B.C].”—*Paul Thieme, “The Indo-European Language,” in Scientific American, October 1958, p. 74.

    For more information on languages, see chapter 13, Ancient Man.


    Human language is astounding. As far back as we go, it has always been totally developed! Yet all available data informs us that writing did not begin until after 2500 B.C.!

    Earlier in his life, the author studied three ancient languages as well as several contemporary ones, and he was surprised to find that ancient ones were much more complicated than modern ones!

    THE FLOOD IN CHINESE—According to Harvard’s Chinese-Japanese Yenching Library, written Chinese is dated at approximately 2500 B.C. This correlates closely with the end of the Flood. It is of interest that two of the earliest written languages—Egyptian and Chinese—were both picture writing.

    Because of its ancientness, the pictorial Chinese script has information for us from the very earliest times. In picture writing, it portrays facts recorded in the book of Genesis.

    As they arrived in their new home after the scattering from the tower of Babel, and formulated their picture writing, the Chinese placed in their “picture words” recollections of those important earlier events: the Fall of Man, the early sacrificial system, the worldwide Flood, and the Tower of Babal. These are four of the outstanding events described in Genesis 3 to 11.

    You may recall our earlier mention that the Chinese recorded the solar eclipse of 2250 B.C., the earliest exact historical date in history and confirmed scientifically (see chapter 4, Age of the Earth). Biblical records indicate the Flood occurred very close to that time.

    FLOOD CHRONOLOGY—In a chapter of this nature, we should provide the Biblical dating of the Genesis Flood. Although it is impossible to provide exact dates, in accordance with conservative Biblical chronology, Creation occurred at approximately 4004 B.C. (4,000 years before the birth of Christ). The Flood began 1,656 years later (1656 A.M. [anno mundi – year of the world]), which would be approximately 2348 B.C. That is the closest approximation we can arrive at.

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