What an amazing little country

What other nation but Israel would actively seek to assist nations who adhere to an ideology which is committed to its destruction and annihilation? We see a similar dynamic where Israel provides utilities and services into Gaza, etc – from which springs home-grown terrorist activity fully supported by the governing authority Hamas. Simply amazing.

Earthquake: Turkey declines Israeli aid offer

Jerusalem: Turkey declined an offer of aid from its former strategic ally Israel on Sunday after a powerful earthquake struck southeast Turkey, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said.

“I am under the impression the Turks do not want our help,” Barak told Channel 2 News. “Right now (their answer) is negative but if they see they need more aid and don’t have it, or if they rethink it, we have made the offer and remain prepared (to help),” he said. […]

Relations between Israel and Turkey have been frayed since Israeli commandos killed nine Turks during a raid on an aid flotilla bound for the Israeli-blockaded Gaza Strip in 2010.

Tension rose last month when Turkey expelled the Israeli ambassador after Israel refused to apologise for the killings, saying its marines acted in self-defense in confrontations with pro-Palestinian activists on one of the vessels.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he had told all branches of government to offer whatever help they could to the people of Turkey. “I think this is what neighbors should be doing with one another,” he told reporters.

Israeli President Shimon Peres spoke with his Turkish counterpart Abdullah Gul earlier on Sunday in what was believed to be their first conversation since the envoy was expelled.

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