I bet the Watermelons are loving this

But one must ask the question: Where are all the ‘green’ alternative energy options when a major gas supply is taken off-line?! If the enviro-Marxists had their way we would have no natural gas or oil-fired power generating capability, and yet it is hard to imagine ‘green’ options, such as wind, solar and tidal generation, ever replacing and coming anywhere near the power generating requirements of a country like New Zealand, or any other first world nation for that matter.

Gas leak from major pipeline could threaten supply

Gas Industry Co has just released information relating to the Maui gas leak which occurred in White Cliffs.

A curtailment order that was issued immediately to power stations in Huntly, Otahuhu and Southdown has now been extended to all non-residential consumers on the North pipeline, Bay of Plenty pipeline and the Morrinsville lateral pipeline. […]

A Vector spokesperson says that until the damaged section of pipe has been examined no timetable for a repair can be drawn-up. […]

A Transpower spokesperson told NBR they are currently unable to generate power from their gas-powered stations but they have enough available from other sources, including hydro and wind, to meet current power demands.

Meanwhile farmers in the affected region are having to dump 30 million litres [NZ$200 million] of milk per day – not good for the entire dairy industry nor for the nation’s export earnings.

Signs of things to come if the enviro-Marxists had their way.

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2 thoughts on “I bet the Watermelons are loving this

  1. Green is thrown around too much as a fix for all environmental woes. Who is to say what will work? I think that trial and error of ‘fixes’ are necessary, but action must be taken quickly.. ideally, governments worldwide need to accept climate change as real and encourage (force?) through policy REAL ways to combat everything from food security, pollution, natural resource degradation, etc. It’s far too complicated to ever say that an energy future can be expressed through one ‘fix’, but surely it’s worth a shot at appropriate renewables. As long as the energy return on investment satisfies the procurement, then we are taking the right steps.. but as of now, I don’t know if that’s actually happening.

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