You gotta serve somebody …

I recently put a post up entitled “The Rarity of the God-fearing Man”. It’s primarily about world-view and how we ultimately serve and therefore fear someone/something. As we have become less God-fearing and have essentially eliminated the Judeo-Christian God from Western society, and therefore the very thing, IMO, which made the West great in the first place, we have as a result seen our societies begin to crumble; morality and even basic right and wrong have all but been redefined, and rather than absolutes there exist only relativistic value-systems of belief. This has also permitted Marxism/Socialism a free hand in becoming established, and with little or no opposition along the way.

Governments and politicians, even those who masquerade as Right-wing, are all either blatant Marxists or simply Marxists in drag. Not to mention dishonest and traitorous manipulators in most cases. And the majority of the population are so befuddled in their thinking, so conditioned to simply roll over as long as they are entertained, so absent of moral foundation, that they don’t even see the evil tide which is inexorably overwhelming them, and in many cases neither do they care. They are so devoid of any ultimate purpose to their existence that they in fact don’t have the backbone to make a stand even if it were to occur to them to do so.

The excerpt as follows I believe addresses this dilemma:

“Such is the post-Christian man, contemptuous of God but fearful of everything else, for whom Shaw would have invented a new sort of faith. Politically, the man who does not fear God is prey to the squalid oligarchs; and this is no paradox. What raises up heroes and martyrs is the fear of God. Beside the terror of God’s judgment, the atrocities of the totalist tyrant are pinpricks. A God-intoxicated man, knowing that divine love and divine wrath are but different aspects of a unity, is sustained against the worst this world can do to him; while the goodnatured unambitious man, lacking religion, fearing no ultimate judgment, denying that he is made for eternity, has in him no iron to maintain order and justice and freedom.

Mere enlightened self-interest will submit to any strong evil. In one aspect or another, fear insists upon forcing itself into our lives. If the fear of God is obscured, then obsessive fear of suffering, poverty, and sickness will come to the front; or if a well-cushioned state keeps most of these worries at bay, then the tormenting neuroses of modern man, under the labels of “insecurity” and “anxiety” and “constitutional inferiority,” will be the dominant mode of fear. And these latter forms of fear are the more dismaying, for there are disciplines by which one may diminish one’s fear of God. But to remedy the causes of fear from the troubles of our time is beyond the power of the ordinary individual; and to put the neuroses to sleep, supposing any belief in a transcendent order to be absent, there is only the chilly comfort of the analyst’s couch or the tranquillizing drug.”

2 thoughts on “You gotta serve somebody …

  1. “You gotta serve somebody …”

    No I don’t.
    I’ll work for the betterment of all humanity. But I won’t serve anyone.

  2. In case you hadn’t noticed, NAS, humanity isn’t doing too well in the betterment or self-improvement stakes. In fact, in light of the highlighted paragraphs in my post above and the general state of the globe, I would say we’re in a terminal spiral to totalitarian Marxist government and thereafter to oblivion.

    Ultimately we ALL serve someone; whether we accept it, believe it, or fool ourselves into thinking we don’t.

    Jesus speaking to the Pharisees:

    Joh 8:41 Ye do the deeds of your father. Then said they to him, We be not born of fornication; we have one Father, even God.
    Joh 8:42 Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me.
    Joh 8:43 Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word.
    Joh 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.

    In the final analysis, we either serve our Creator, or we serve His and our enemy the devil or Satan. There is no fence sitting here. Better to consciously choose in the here and now who you will serve, than to find out when it is too late who you have been serving by default all along.

    Choose wisely my friend: the above page “What is biblical salvation” will assist you if you have a mind to follow its advice.

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