Rena captain arrested and charged

But what of those who ‘captain’ our nation and economy?!

APNZ | Wednesday, October 12, 2011 8:36

The captain of the stricken cargo ship Rena has been arrested and charged.

Minister for the Environment Nick Smith confirmed the arrest this morning.

“The die was pretty much cast the moment that vessel hit that reef. It is inexplicable that on a perfectly calm day, with all the modern technology that is available in terms of navigation, that a well-documented reef could be hit in this way,” he said on National Radio. [continues]

But what I want to know is when is Nick Smith going to be arrested and charged for his part in foundering the New Zealand economy?! The same goes for PM ‘smile ‘n wave’ Key, most of the National coalition government, the previous Labour-led Government, and especially previous PM Helen ‘Klarkenfuehrer’ Clark.

So while we arrest and charge the above cited captain of the Rena, rather than apply the same standards to those politicians and bureaucrats who wreck our economy, by their signing us up, for example, to the ETS and various other Marxist driven and non-scientific U.N. mandates, we go on to reward these traitors as typified by Clark’s endorsement [by Key and others] for the number three spot on the U.N.

And we see a simlar dynamic in the States where Barack Hussein Obama II is ‘awarded’ the Nobel Peace Prize while it is a well known fact that his administration employs black and union thugs to push their Marxist agenda.

When are our political leaders going to face the music for their many and numerous crimes against those whose best interests they are meant to represent?! I say the time is NOW!

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1 thought on “Rena captain arrested and charged

  1. And shouldn’t those who are only now talking about bringing in containment booms and arranging for crane equiped vessels from Singapore [to remove containers] be the ones held to GREATER account for their pathetically slow … no, non-existent response to date?!

    This is the REAL crime here, IMO.

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